This month was particularly busy as we have had a tie for the employee of the month ballad! We will start with:

Margarita Garcia

Margarita has definitely been a huge help and has impacted the company with her presence. She is very strong team player, and focuses on the goals ahead. Margarita is very easy to work with and she does a great job in following through with tasks thoroughly. Throughout the month of May she worked a lot more to help us maintain the “Tower” which is a large job that has been given the nickname. Ill also add the climb we made each day was as much as fourteen floors. Sometimes with equipment, and others for equipment. We cant thank you enough for your continued efforts!

Matthew David

Matt has definitely stepped up in a huge way by taking on a team leader role.
He has been very good with organizing how the team work patterns are seen through while still scrubbing a floor or two. There are a lot of people who don’t “stick” around, as well as new faces, and Matt definitely has the strongest presence in being able to wrap things up for a very flush day. Taking on a role shows a ton of character and knowleddge in problem solving and time management. He is very enthusiastic and and power performer when its time to finish the job!